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A good stance and posture reflect a proper state of mind” Morihei Ueshiba, founder of Aikido

As humans who are able to stand on our feet, we are able to see far into the distance. Our horizons are further and our world bigger than our four legged animal counterparts. We have developed our skills for reasoning, for imagining. Unfortunately, as our brains are located higher from the ground we tend to lose touch with the earth. As humans we tend to live in our heads more.

To be healthy and stable we need to feel our connection with the earth more. In yoga – whether we move or are still, we feel our connection and our relationship with the earth and gravity.

We can also feel our groundedness and our connection with the earth during our daily activities – we can feel our stability and balance by simply being aware.

Here are a few other ways we could also ground ourselves.


By thinking of all the many things you have gratitude for brings your attention back from daily worries and anxieties. There are often things we don’t really think about that we can be thankful for. Think about your hard working legs. Or your breath. Or the fact that you are here at all. To learn, to experience, to feel.


Being aware and present in the moment, just as it is and with no judgement or no story or opinion helps to keep us centred. Simply experience what is in that moment. That is the meaning of karma: doing what you are doing when you are doing it. We can have so many distracting things – demands, sounds, emotions, thoughts.


Connection with others brings us a sense of belonging. Being part of a community – whatever the kind – helps to ground us. Feeling connection coming back to you is grounding.

Acknowledging our vulnerability

If we accept and acknowledge our vulnerability we are then able to connect – it means that we are more open to others. We have peace in ourselves. Consider the fact that everyone, no matter how it seems to you, has vulnerability.

Taking time

Most of us spend a lot of time rushing from one place to another, or work to deadlines which means that we sometimes do things in autopilot. Often we have many things to deal with at one time. Slowing down allows us to pay attention to an activity, so that we can enjoy what we do when we are doing it. Noticing what is – and noticing what arises.

Engaging with sincerity

To do what you intend to do and being true to who you are is engaging with sincerity. Others notice insincerity. Do what is right for you but be kind. Engage wholeheartedly in what you do.

Kindness and compassion

Engage in kind behaviour, say kind things and think kind thoughts. With sincerity. I saw this somewhere: before you say something, THINK. Is it True? Is it Helpful? Is it Intelligent? Is it Necessary? Is it Kind? Knowing that you are helping others in a kind way, is truly grounding. It also says more about you than it does about the other person. The opposite is true too.

Practice yoga

Of course! This is a yogi speaking, remember? Seriously though, yoga does help us to feel grounded. Exploring what arises in asanas, helps with learning. Most asanas ask us to ground into the earth. Standing poses and even poses on the mat. Feet are grounded. Sitbones are grounded. Balance helps us to feel grounded. The essence of yoga is to achieve steadiness and balance. Yogas Chitta Vriti Nirodah – yoga is the cessation of the fluctuations of the mind. To do things effortlessly.

I send you love

Om Shanti Om

Amanda, Metta Yoga